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Oh, I do see that I misread Bob's main wing comment. Yes, lets not stall the main wing. That would be very bad. I suppose an electronic AOA could be set to go red near the main wing stall point... but a properly consructed and loaded aircraft hopefully never gets near that angle due to the canard stalling first. Thanks for the correction Lynn!

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Nope, never stalled that, the plane won't let me stall the rear wing,
thank goodness!

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I don't think you are stalling the main wing all the time.

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On Apr 3, 2012, at 5:36 PM, Mike Dwyer

Let me take a shot at Bob's question. First it's got nothing to do
with Plenums so I changed the subject line to AOA.

Bob wrote:
I am looking at electronic instruments to replace the 30 year old
instruments in my plane, N19WT. One of the glass instruments has the

ability to report angle of attack from a $200 pitot. Since I'm rebuilding,
this has me interested.

My Comment:

Most of the fancy electronic AOA systems do not give you much resolution,

just a relative indication of AOA. It's a ok toy.

Bob wrote:
I can see measuring the wing angle of attack (aka., fuselage angle) makes
some sense. If the plane is aft-loaded, the angle of attack indicator
would let me know early on that there is a problem.

My comment:

No, it won't, other than the $1500 system the others don't have much

Bob wrote:
In our canard airplanes, a stalled main wing is bad news.

My comment:

Really. I guess I should quit stalling mine then. I always thought it
was a non-event.

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