Re: Progress update

Mike Dwyer

Hi Martin, I went looking for the pictures you posted on Yahoo but there are 87 directorys of pictures and I don't know which ones are yours...

Great job Jay and Rick!

Mike Dwyer Q200 N3QP


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Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 22:22:52 +0000
Subject: [Q-LIST] Progress update

So I have been quiet for a while, but wanted to share the progress on
the rebuild of the TriQ. I got an amazing wing from Rick Hole to
replace the busted one and Jay Scheevel loaned me the measuring tool to
help get it in at 0 degrees with the canard. I have all the control
rods now made, both nav lights in the wing and started glassing the
tips. I am using the sheared tips and it looks really different at this
point. I will need to change the tips on the canard as well and I made
the tail match also. Looks like a bat! Anyway, my son is in Virginia
Beach at Oceana Naval Station and will be deploying on the Eisenhower
in the next few months so my helper is not here. So now I can get some
work done...... JK. Anyway it is coming along and I posted some new
photos for the group to comment on. I will also post one of the plane
before the accident do you can see how she was.

All for now and thanks again to both Jay and Rick for the help thus
far. It is great to have a group to call on.


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