Re: I TOO have been pretty much watching from the sidelines...

Rick Hole

I for one am tired with this thread.

Rick Hole


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A Q1, or Q2, or any other plane for that matter, doesn't know a dam bit
what engine is in it, the pilot does. It's how that pilot operates, and
maintains, that engine, that affects the aircraft's performance, and flight

Larry made a blanket statement about 2 strokes not being good in any plane,
and I responded to it. The thread had just started, about what was some of
the cause's of 2 stroke engine seizures.

It's a FACT, there are many 100s of thousands, of 2 strokes flying around
the world for the last 30+ years, being used in all kinds of Ultralight's
and Kitplanes successfully. I personally don't care what Type of engine you
choose to use. That's your own personal choice. But don't put down another
Type of engine, just because you, or him, may not understand them, and all
their quirks. They have proven themselves already, as a low cost,
Ultralight/Kitplane engine for the mass's. Rotax, does specify a low TBO up
for your $$$. Many engines are used beyond Rotax's TBO. Like I said, keep it

real. JUST FACTS Chris. When you get, just a 100 planes, each flying in the
Real World with, Corvairs, Subarus, VW's, Mazdas, LS1's, and them making
just a 700hr TBO, then you can start bragging. That guy I gave the web link
to, that has 1200+ hrs on his Rotax 582UL, ought to be your TBO goal, but I
would be happy getting 700 out of a so called cheap auto engine. Many
Individual People, and even some Companies, have been trying to do it for
years and haven't succeeded yet. Some companies have spent millions trying.
How much did that LS1 firewall forward install cost you total, and how many
flying hrs do you have on it today? Since most Q2/Q200s sell today, for
less than $12,000 total. Let's just keep it real, Chris.

Oh, and for that response about fast and slippery, rapid decents, etc.
Maybe you all should read this article. I doubt any of you fly a Q, or any
other plane for that matter, harder than this guy does with a Rotax 583 2
stroke Sled engine.


Rich Gillen

1b. I TOO have been pretty much watching from the sidelines...
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Date: Wed Apr 4, 2012 4:26 pm ((PDT))

You've apparently done a tremendous amount of detailed investigation in
support of using a 2 stroke engine on a Q. I'm puzzled as to why the
is ongoing when you're already convinced. There are many who will not be
changing their minds, but you are clearly set about your course.

Obvious to me (and I suspect several other subscribers), the next logical
step is for you to just go ahead and choose one/ use one and report back
here on your success with detailed flight data.

There's been previous debate regarding the appropriateness of this subject
on the regular Q-list vs the Q-performance list. Since the audience is so
much smaller on the Q-performance list I suspect you've chosen to present
your opinions on this list for exposure. Please consider us all adequately
exposed at this point.

I look forward to reading of your success.

Chris Adkins
Q2 LS1
VW Type IV 2.4L

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