Re: instrument panel wire size/supplier

John Loram <johnl@...>

Here's 22 gauge Tefzel at 12 cents/ft.

1000' in a Q!? I'm an electronics engineer with lots of gadgets and I'd bet
I'm under 200 feet, counting coax.
If I remember correctly the original Q2 plans called for 25 ft of 14 gauge
wire. (Things were simpler, then.)



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I checked the usual suspects you list, Mouser came the closest, but didn't
have Tefzel in 22AWG. Also, I live in the sticks, so the closest decent
surplus store is hundreds of miles away. It seems the few vendors I have
found sell by the foot at 16-17 cents, which seems pretty pricey in
quantities I'm likely to need (>1000ft), does anyone have a supplier they
like for that kind of bulk purchase/large roll?


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You can look at the on-line electronics parts suppliers like DigiKey,
Allelectronics, Mouser. Check the specs on the wire to see if they
offer something you want to use. I buy electronics parts from all
three, super to deal with. I recommend USPS shipping it is faster and


On 4/4/2012 8:46 AM, unclecameron wrote:

I've heard about 22-24 AWG wire for wiring panels, does anyone have a
preferrence/spec/supplier? Can I get away with 24, or should I use 22?
I'm looking around at Aircraft Spruce, but wondering if there's a
better/cheaper place around to get that. Also, if anyone has a good
supplier for EZ-Poxy, I just ran out while doing the wheelpant upgrades.

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