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Thanks for the link John, I appreciate it :) I'm trying to wire this thing for IFR and read somewhere terribly unofficial that it takes well more than 1000 feet of wire, which the writer related was somewhat surprising to him. Again, I have no idea if that's remotely accurate, but it certainly was the driving force behind my wild guess. Is there a consensus for how much wire a fairly old steam/traditional (king, etc) Q200 panel would take to wire for IFR? I don't mind being off by <30%, but I'd prefer not to be off by orders of magnitude.


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Here's 22 gauge Tefzel at 12 cents/ft.

1000' in a Q!? I'm an electronics engineer with lots of gadgets and I'd bet
I'm under 200 feet, counting coax.
If I remember correctly the original Q2 plans called for 25 ft of 14 gauge
wire. (Things were simpler, then.)


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