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OOPS I guess the old memory aint what it used to be,(it was 1980) and it
was flown with a 1835 HAPI engine

but was replaced with a Revmaster 2100 after it was moved to Mohjave.


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Thank you!
Did the prototype fly with the Revmaster?

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QAC newsletter #10 of October 1980 was the first mention of the Q2 and has
photo of a Q2 flying at Mojave and a description of it doing fly-bys at
Tullahoma EAA fly-in of the same year. A feature article in the same
"Introducing Q2" says, "First flight was on July 1, 1980, after only four
month construction time." This issue also makes reference to "an aircraft
called the Dragonfly that resembles a scaled up Quickie".

QAC newsletter #14 of Oct 19981, a year later, documents two flying Q2's

p.s. QAC newsletter #7 of January 1980 says the following, "About this
last year we were commenting on the cost of aviation gas being one dollar
per gallon.... Well, here it is a year later and the price of aviation gas
is about $1.20 per gallon and most aviation publications predict prices of
$2.00 per gallon by the end of 1980...." Oh for the good ol' days!

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