Q2+ for sale

Larry Severson

Q2+ for sale:

I have lost my medical, and so I am selling everything in the hanger.
Contents not limited to:

1. Q2 (Revmaster trubo) 12 hrs total $8K

Includes over $5000 in electronics upgrades

2. Broken Q2 with wings removed $4K

Includes Revmaster 2100D and full instrument/radio panel

3. 1 assembled Q2 hill $600 /canopy installed

4. 1. Raw (new) Q2 hull $200 /canopy glass

5. 1 specially designed Q2 trailer (has moved Q2s Xcountry) $600

6. 1 complete set of Q2 beautifully hot wired foam set $600

7. Operating Radio and transponder set $900

8. 1 operating vacuum pump (never used)

9. 1 additional Revmaster 2100D engine $800

10. Miscellaneous test and other equipment

Real value of hanger contents about $30K Will sell individually, or the
total to one purchaser for $12K. I am willing to work with anyone who
might wish a CNO hanger on partnership. When all of my stuff is gone,
the partner would be grandfathered in. Great hanger 40 front x 32 deep
T. Current rent $330/mo.

Larry Severson
18242 Peters Ct
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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