Re: Q2+ for sale

Rick Hole

If they follow (presumably would) the LSA rule, the driver license medical
does NOT apply if the pilots last FAA medical was denied, revoked, or
withdrawn. If the pilot chooses not to renew a medical he is OK, but if the
FAA (or through their agent the AME) nixes the application, the pilot cannot
use the driver license exception without first obtaining a new medical

I would advise any pilot using the driver license to consider very carefully
any disqualification and not to fly if not completely fit. And that is what
the FAR requires from us.

Larry, I hope this is overcome-able. For me, just the cost of flying has
kept me grounded, even after getting my lost medical reinstated.

Rick Hole

N1711Q flying


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You may not want to be so quick. There is a move to do away with the medical
for certain aircraft. Single engine, less than 180 hp, fixed gear. The plane
can be 4 place, but you can only take up one passenger. This is NOT Sport
Pilot, you still fly under you private pilots license. It appears the rules
will require a 8 hour free course on how to recognize if you are fit to fly.
The Q-2 and Dragonfly are ideal candidates.


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