Re: Loose Canopy incident, crashes short.

Rick Hole

It turns out to be a Sport Cruiser, LSA. I am well familiar with the model.
Even once failed to latch the canopy before takeoff. The plane handles well
in that configuration and the canopy floats, opening farther at faster
speeds. Pilots tend to panic when the canopy opens and may choose to land
in an available field rather than returning to airport. I can't predict
what that pilot may have done. But I do know the Sport Cruiser canopy can
be easily closed at 45 Knots, well above stall speed of 32 Knots.

Rick Hole

N1711Q and Sport Cruiser CFI


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"The rumor of my crash are greatly exaggerated"! Yes that is my TriQ200 but
no I did not crash it! ;o)Don't know who crashed.Bruce

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Any body know why it crashed short?

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