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Trevor Fernihough <spilligans@...>

Hi Paul,
You're not by any chance looking at the one at Serpentine ?
If so I have had a look at this aircraft myself. I'm building a Tri Q here in Perth
and would be very keen to have a chat if I have picked this correctly



On 20/05/2012, at 12:19 PM, Paul wrote:

Hi Everybody,
I am new to the group and thought that I should introduce myself and get your opinions on the aircraft that I am looking at.

My name is Paul , I have a mechanical background and was an aircraft fitter in the Royal Australian Air Force for 18 years. I have some fibreglass repair experience, cowling, fairings mostly.

The aircraft that I am looking at buying is a Q2 that was imported a few years ago. There is some chipping on the right top wing tip which is about the size of an average hand. The fibreglass is exposed but there does not appear to be any internal damage. The aircraft overall will require an extensive overhaul (Hardware service or replacement control wire replacement etc. I estimate that it is a basket case but can be put back in the air. It comes with a factory overhauled revmaster 21 or 2300 engine and "some "instruments. The guy is asking $13000AUD (Think pretty much one to one on the AUD to USD exchange)

I realise that it is a "How long is a piece of string question". Do you think that it would be a worthwhile project or Q2s the type of aircraft that once they reach a certain point it is better to cut your losses and move on? Don't get me wrong, I have followed the development of the Quickies etc for many years and they are a beautiful aircraft. The second question is, Is the "T tail" mod worth installing, (if I can get a kit or make one that is) on a completed aircraft?

Thanks for your help and advice in advance,

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