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Ok Mike, Here it is,
The last week of April I cranked up the ol' Q and flew from Asheville, NC to Olatha, KS, just outside of KC, to visit a sick relative. Had been trying for 2 wks to make the trip but as usual wx was a problem. Finally got a break and headed west after the fog lifted at noon. Had to tiptoe around the buildups to get out of the valley and then it was clear with great visibility.

Only problem, I had a 45-70mph headwind at all altitudes from 3-8,500msl. Never saw more than 115mph GS. As a result the flight turned into 2 fuel stops vs 1. It also had me chasing sunset since I got off late. I was within 60 miles of my destination when darkness overtook me. Having not planned on a night flight and having never landed the Q in the dark, I decided to land while there was still a beam of light. Sedalia, MO was to be the spot.

Sedalia is a small town with the airport in the boonies. Naturally there was no one there. I am stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how I was going to stretch out in the Q for the night when a pickup drove up from nowhere. The guy asked if he could be of help (silly question).
I mentioned my biggest concern was somewhere to stow the Q overnight since thunderstorms are quite frequent in those parts. He then suggested that we put the Q in his hangar. GREAT. I followed him to his hangar which was HUGE. As the doors opened, there was a Citation, Pilatus and Decathelon sitting inside. the floor was so clean I could literally see my reflection. He motioned for me to roll the Q in. Not wanting to mess up the floor I was considering carrying the Q in and just setting it down. Needless to say, I was appreciative.

Then he asked if he could take me into town to a motel. He suggested one where he gets a corporate discount. Got the suite for $49.00.
Then he asked if I would like for him to pick me up in the morning to take me back to the airport. This guy turned into an angel. At 8:00 the next morning he was waiting for me in the lobby.

I fueled up and was on my way for the short leg to KC. Had a great visit with my cousin and his family for a couple of days and headed back. The wx was sucky while I was there. Not my usual luck, but the day I wanted to leave, the wx was "ok" around KC and went clear about 50 miles to the east. I launched for Southern IL. Stayed at about 1500AGL for the 50 miles and then the sky opened up for clear run to the mountains of NC.

When I got to altitude, I was now seeing 193mph GS. Can't believe I didn't get a headwind coming home too.

About 15 minutes out on a 2+ hr leg I noticed that when KC Center keyed the mic to talk with me or any other plane I could hear an ELT beacon. Didn't hear it when I transmitted. I switched over to 121.5 and heard nothing. This continued until got off of KC freq. As I contacted the tower to land, I could barely make out above the sounding beacon that I was transmitting 121.5. Oops. I landed, jumped out to get to my ELT behind the seat and set it to OFF. I could see the tower operator and he was motioning for me to turn it off. Put the switch in every position and it kept transmitting. So I disconnected the antenna and it stopped. I pulled it out to inspect. While removing the batteries, I heard something sliding around inside it. It appears that the switch came apart. Haven't cut it to see yet. At any rate, I am now a customer for a $600 406mhz ELT. WONDERFUL.

Refuel and made it on home without further ado. Those thunder bumpers where still hanging around the mountains near Asheville, but circumnavigated them. Cross-country flying always produces wonderful experiences (some more wonderful than others). The Q performed beautifully (another anomaly for me).

There you are Mike and the gang.
Tri-Q200 544hrs

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