EAA and AOPA proposed rule change for required medical


Everyone here is a Pilot and here is your chance to weigh in on the proposed rule change that will be introduced by the EAA and AOPA. The EAA and the AOPA are working together to change the current rules for Private Pilots to fly without medicals similar to the way that a Sport Pilot Operates. The difference is that as a Private Pilot you will have to take an online course that teaches you to self evaluate your medical fitness to fly. You as a private pilot would be limited to one passenger in an airplane that is powered by up to 180HP Day VFR. This is your chance to weigh in on the subject by leaving a comment for the two organizations to present to the FAA. The folks with the Sport Pilots License are the model of this as they have exhibited an excellent safety record while flying without a required FAA medical. Please take the time to comment on this at the link provided by tomorrow. The opportunity for us to give feedback/opinions directly to our governing body in aviation is very few and far between so don't let this opportunity pass. It could change aviation for all of us.

Link Below



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