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Thanks Jay,
You are correct in your assumption about the troque tube being missing. Actually I could not see any controls inside the cockpit.
I will get more pictures (hopefully not over exposed ones this time) of the canard top and bottom around the canopy/fuse and the web area around the fuse canard join. Is there anything else I need to concentrate on while I am there?

Hi Paul,

Your report is thorough, but demonstrates, not surprisingly, that you do not know where the critical vs. trivial items are on this plane. This is not a criticism, it is just to let you know that those who are very familiar with critical areas on Q's will want more info/photos on critical areas and less on the cosmetic items. The critical areas are top and bottom damage on the canard (most important), and evidence of stress cracking elsewhere. The damage on the top of the canard that you mention below appears to be the least documented item in the photos, and in fact the photos you have provided of that area?? are not useful because of over exposure and lack of reference to the rest of the airplane (where the heck are they located on the airframe?). I am very concerned about poor workmanship in the elevator-to-fuselage position and there appears to be no steel torque actuator-arm joining the elevator to the control system. Also, there is no close-out on the inboard end of the elevator, which is usually an indicator of poor construction elsewhere. I suspect, based on your verbage and the apparent damage to this area and on the ground away area on top of the elevator that the actuator was broken or bent in a hard landing. In fact, I would bet that the canard has also been broken in a hard landing and that is the cause for the stress crack at the rear of the canopy frame. A broken canard will require it to be re-built. Better pictures will help those more experienced than I on this list to sort it out and give you better comments.

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Good Morning,
As a long follow on from my original questions about the sanity/worth of rebuilding/restoring a Q2. I have posted some pictures of the project aircraft in the Albums under Paul Ps Q2. I have written a brief report on my inspection though not as thorough as I would have liked owing to my lack of knowledge of the aircraft.
If you have any comments or suggestions (Seeing a psychologist has already been made by my wife), please do, as the more information I have the better.
All the best

Condition report QAC Q2
The following observations were taken during an inspection of the aircraft at Serpentine airport on 1/7/12.
Aircraft: Quickie Aircraft Company Q2
Serial No: Unknown
Total Time: 170Hours
Engine Type: Revmaster 2100CC
Engine Hours: Zero hour overhaul by manufacturer Documentation Provided
Propeller: Nil
Radios: Nil
Instrumentation: Standard VFR panel
Modifications: All Operational Directives, Reflexor etc
Wing: GW
Main Spar: I beam
Brakes: Hydraulic,
Hand operated,
Park Brake
General Condition
The overall condition of the aircraft appears to be conducive with its being in storage for several years and containerised transportation from the US last year. Numerous surface scratches and chips over the entire aircraft as detailed in the attached photographs. A two dollar coin (US Dime size) was used to give relative size comparison.
There was corrosion noted on the tail wheel bracket and the tail wheel has considerable wear. Sizable chipping of the glass coating was observed on the left upper canard. The rear fuselage is held in place by every other screw hence the gapping on the fuselage join. Some cosmetic work is required to tidy this join up.
The pitot head is covered with what looks to be masking tape. This could be to prevent contamination of the Pitot/static system by bugs and debris. A serious chip/separation on the 90 degree bend on the pitot head. I was assured that this was nothing, but it will require further investigation to ascertain the correct operation of the Pitot/Static system.
The disc brake callipers have been removed and overhauled. New brake pads have been included. The brakes will need to be fitted and bled.
The landing gear was reset (aligned) post and ground accident where the aircraft veered off the runway and caused damage to the left wheel pod. This damage has been repaired and taxi/flight test serviceable.
Damage is consistent with the aircraft being transported in a container. This will need to be addressed further to understand the extent of the repairs to be done. The forward area on the fuselage top (Damage two) could have been the location of a radio antenna. A new Micro Air radio is to be obtained and fitted.
The instruments are supplied but will need to be overhauled/recalibrated before installation in the aircraft. A glass panel may be worth looking at to save costs , space and weight.
No aircraft lighting is currently fitted to the aircraft. landing lights (steady and wig wag)or strobe lights may be considered for safety reasons.
Four point harnesses are currently fitted in the aircraft.
The canopy is fixed on the right side opening sideways. There is a tilt up option available with procedures and drawings on
A full set of plans, manuals and operational logs is supplied with the aircraft detailing service history/repairs/modifications/Operational directives carried out.

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