Re: Back home

Hello Sam.
I flew through a rain storm a while ago and my legs got a good drenching. The water poured in like a tap. Straight behind the instruments and onto my trousers. Is there anything anyone has done to their Quickie to prevent water ingress through the canopy to fuselarge gap?
Many thanks. Adrian.

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I departed Oshkosh yesterday about 12:30, I guess that was just before the
big storm hit. It was raining pretty hard as I was taxiing down to 36L so
I pulled into the grass to wait out a bit. Five minutes later there was
some rain on departure, but not too bad.

The trip home was fine, then a storm hit the Carbondale airport just as I
was landing. No rain for two months, and is has to hit just as I'm on
final. Got it on the ground okay, then the rain started cascading just as
I reached the hangar, so I got soaked pulling it in.

Anyway, back home and all is well.


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