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I know i'm the very last one here to check in, and no doubt the last one to get home too, even at 500MPH-plus on commercial!  But, got home safe, way, wayyyyyy  late Sunday evening, after a 3-hour scheduled  lay-over at Denver, and then another delay due to a flight attendant not showing up.... another great incentive to get that plane flying so i can get home at a decent time, and not have humongous lines at security on top of it all!! :-)

Thanks Sam and Sandy for another terrific fly-in, among the best we have had, what a great time we all enjoyed.  The best part was seeing everybody again, and 10 planes to boot... can we twist your arm into doing it again next year too?  All your planning and efforts are appreciated by us all!

Took your advice and drove back to STL the scenic way, and Masal and i enjoyed the Popeye museum, that was a blast!

Thanks again for your terrific hosting efforts, Sam and Sandy,  the weekend was really a stand-out!

Hope to see everybody again soon,


P.S. I'll post the photo-op pics real soon, it was a zoo here today in the wake of our network program manager's firing last Thursday....

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  Kevin made it home about 1:30 to KDEH,
headwind all the way. Excellent vis though.

My thanks too to Sam and Sandy!
Had a great time, not to be forgotten.

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q200 269 hrs
Luana, IA

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> Landed at Davenport at about 12:15 safe and sound. Kevin is still on
> his way to KDEH.
> Thanks to Sam and Sandy for hosting such a great event!! I had a
> wonderful time with all of you.
> Paul A. Fisher
> Q200 N17PF
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