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Awesome, my thoughts exactly. Appreciate the heads up remarks, agree totally with all comments Rene, and a guy can't have too much fun in his commute, my cars a 2010 35i BMW Z-4, and I never drive direct either.


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If you are referring to Rene's plane you should listen to every word he says. I trust his expertise, judgement and honesty. Qs are aptly named. Pay attention to periodic maintenance. Vw based engines have worked well and Revmaster with Rene's modifications are superb. Some issues by other Q2 drivers have been with Cylinder head torque (fatality). Check at 25 hour intervals along with torque on prop bolts. Take off and land fast.

Seek additional advice on Tri Qs from Bruce Crain, Jerry Marstall and lynn French to start. They are flying O-200s.

Attention to maintenance, engine removal, magneto access, landing gear hoop condition and nosewheel condition.

I dont think of a Q so much as a commuter but as a frequently used recreational vehicle. Pick your days. For whatever reasons I don't think of a commuter as something you can have so much fun in.

If you are not particulalry set on a Q or verieze or Longeze, consider a Cessna 150/150, RV3, Grumman Traveler.

You are the instructor but remember airspeed is your friend. You will never stall/Spin a canard but off field landings at higher speeds can be interesting

I love Rene's aircraft and I really respect Rene. Keep us posted.

Phil Lankford

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Sorry for the lack of info in my original post, I was very busy and new to the group. Had no idea what to expect for a response, if anything at all?? Original post was a fishing trip, caught a couple of keepers and on dog fish that I plan to toss back less his nose and a slit in his belly!

As for the q-2. It's a 1988 model with tricycle gear and LS-1 canard design. Equipped with 75 hp Revmaster 2200 engine. She has under 300 hours TT, on the airframe. She blew my mind on my first flight and sold me right away. Very close to purchase just need to have my wife see and take a flight tomorrow, and AME take a peek next week.

What I'm looking for is comments on pitfalls and concerns. I plan to use as a commuter from Victoria to Vancouver BC Canada where I work as a flight instructor. Need something inexpensive to buy, operate, and maintain.



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