Re: Revmaster to o-200 conversion

Mike Perry

Hello John:

You might consider a Jabiru conversion, Weight and Balance would be much
easier. Paul Spackman converted a Q2 (not a tri-Q) from Revmaster to
Jabiru for increased HP (he lives in Wyoming, Density altitude issues).
Jabiru 3300 is about close to the weight of the Revmaster, O-200 ~ 50
lbs more.

This is an interesting question I would rather see "on the list", you
aren't cluttering up anything (IMO).

Mike Perry

On 9/17/2012 5:52 PM, john.hartley1 wrote:

I saw there was a post in 2002 where a guy was "thinking" about
converting a revmaster equipped Tri-Q2 to an o-200 so I hope I'm not
beating a dead horse. That being said, I have a Tri-Q2 with a
revmaster that has puked (burnt a cylinder) on me 3 times while in
flight. The last failure was it for me as I barely made it back to the
airport. I purchased an O-200 last week and would like to chat with
someone who has converted from a Tri-Q2 revmaster already. Please
email me at john.hartley1@... <>
so we don't clutter up the group with a bunch of minutiae.
Thank you,
John Hartley

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