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For your nose gear mounting the 1/4" should be fine as long as the tube follows the contour of the canard. I can send you a picture if it would help. the loads push the tube downward and not up into the canard.

Richard Kaczmarek
Fast Little Airplanes LLC

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Hi Guys,

Not had much time for writing this year, been too busy getting things finished on the TriQ200.

Question for any of the TriQ flyers on the nose leg installation.

On the upgraded Scott Swing nose leg, do you have any clearance between the leg and the Canard lower skin in the zone between the firewall mount and the slider, or is yours snug against it ?
I remember seeing that this prevents loading the firewall mounting bolts and helps prevent failure.

I currently have about 1/4" clearance. Anyone confirm what they have please ?

Rich T.

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