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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the info. I wanted to know which size in CC he put in his Quickie, so I could ask Steve from Great Plaines to do the same for me. Now I know the persons name I can ask Steve and Linda. But more importantly I'd like to know where he's put the ancillaries, ie starter motor, fly wheel, alternator etc. On the Limbach, my fly wheel and starter motor is just behind the prop. Whereas on the Great Plaines engine, they're at the back. There's only 2" of room in between the back plate and firewall. So there may, or not be enough room to switch things about, if I have to. I've just taken out my original Limbach engine, and wanted the transition from that to the Great Plaines engine to go as smoothly as possible. If I can I'd like to keep most things as is. So, with Mr Robertson having the same plane, I wanted to touch base with him and see where his ancillaries are. The least I can get away with moving, the less questions I'll get from the LAA. Thanks once again for the info. I'll try and search for Mr Robertson on the Quickheads site. Adrian Bloomfield. Quickie Tri Q jockey

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Rene Robertson out of Canada has built up a Great Plains Type 1 engine for his Q2 and he is the guy you should talk to. He wrote a nice article in a past Q-Talk newsletter about it as well. Can't remember which one it was, but it was a very good article.

Great Plains has never broken a crank on any of their Type 1 engines so let's not start infering that they have.

Doug Humble

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The Revmaster engine has a much larger forward bearing (designed to
support the heavy inflight adjustable Maloof prop) which does not
limit the builder to a wood engine. They are the only engines that
have never had a broken crank. However, use whatever engine you want.
At 01:01 AM 11/7/2012, you wrote:
Hello everyone.
Apparently there's a Quickie out there somewhere who's running a
Great Plaines engine? If they're in the group, I'd be very
interested in contacting them. Or does anyone have their contact details?
Wishing you all blue sky's and tail winds.
Quickie Tri Q Adrian.
Larry Severson
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