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Tech at Matco gave this response. Mitch,
They aren’t MATCO units. It is possible they are an old Rosenhan which would be similar to our old MC-1. We do sell rebuild kits for them. The MCRBD1 is the part numbr and is on our website at:
This was on the master cylinder.
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FYI, these are pics of Matco cylinders...

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Maybe they aren't matco. The nipple is toward the bottom front.

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If you are pushing fluid from the caliper, where is the bleed nipple ? I have Matco calipers on mine and in order to “reverse bleed” I have to remove the caliper and invert it whilst bleeding otherwise there will be an air bubble stuck in the cylinder.
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I've put on new tires and brake pads and had to remove everything from the gear struts. It is back together but can't get right brake to work. Feels like air in the line. Is there something I'm missing or do I just keep pushing fluid up from the bottom until it stiffens up. I've pushed(spilled). A half a quart or more. Thought there was something wrong with master cylinder. Did one arm gymnastics and took it out and it stiffens up on the bench. Now I'm using up the other half quart.

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