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Hi Alfonso

I do not comment on the forum a lot, but my Q2 is getting closer to completion, and I followed this conversation from the start, pondering about it all the time, so I just thought I would share my thoughts. The aircraft was designed to be fast, and that it is. . .always, in the air, on the runway, and if you make the wrong modification it is going to come down fast too.
The cannard, and main wing does not have the same airfoil, and therefor I doubt will have the same reaction to vortex generators, and you might just create a cannard aircraft of which the main wing stolls before the cannard . . .It's not a good sight.

Fly the plane as it is . . .I have never heard about someone who bought a Lamborghini, and then fit SUV wheels on it afterwards because he wants more groud clearence. . .

As I said it is just my thoughts, and I trust you will put your safty first in whatever you decide to do.

Quickie Q2 almost there.

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Beware of those single data points!

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I'm replying to your e-mail in the hopes of saving your life. A little over a
year ago my good friend Jerry Brinkerhuff was killed in the crash of his newly
completed Q-200. He was current in a Cessna 182 and could land it on a dime
every time. Jerry and his Q-200 struck a runway clearance light while landing
on a 7000 ft. runway where his Q-200 was temporarily based. The aircraft hit
the ground nose first and flipped over on it's back and slid for about 150
yards. I do believe Jerry was trying to land on the numbers in anticipation of
moving his Q-200 to a airport with a 4300 ft. runway.

Please, take all the help Earnest is willing to give and if the aircraft is

Best wishes for a long and healthy life.

A friend of the family

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I am the guy that bought Earnest Martins TriQ200 and he is very helpful in
transition training. We built in a second set of rudder pedals, so he can
interfere from the right seat when I screw up.

We flew together for about ten hours last weekend and plan to do so again before
I take the plan to my home Airport, which has a fairly short runway of 3800feet.
So I look for ways to reduce landing speed. RIGHT NOW WE ARE AT 100 across the
threshold, and landing at 80...
And I hoped to be able to reduce by 10percent, maybe vortex generators can help

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Why do you ask?


On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 1:33 AM, alfonsflatscher


Has anybody experience or information on vortex generators on a Q200?
Please share..


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