First 3D Quickie Video

Mike Dwyer

Hi Folks,
I'd like to announce that I moved my web site to:

If you haven't been to my site (it's kind of a mess) it has a whole builder
log of photos from 1985 when I built the Q200 and then stuff on how I've
changed the instrument panel over all these years plus lots of flight
reports. One day I'll clean up the web site.

And I shot my first 3D Quickie video. It's just a walk around of the
hangar and plane but if you have a 3D TV and the ability to stream from
youtube you can see my first attempt at shooting 3D video. It looks great
on my 55" LG 3D TV ! Check it out at

Oh ya, a short flight report. Last Saturday there was a first ever BBQ
lunch Fly In at Lakeland FL complete with classic cars and cycles. It was
a perfect day so we headed over there areound 10:30am. Climbing out from
KPIE we were handed off to Tampa Departure. They gave me a climb to
3500'. After a bit they came back and said "Great Rate of Climb"! I don't
know what I was climbing at, maybe 1500 FPM with two aboard. Tampa was
impressed and that's the first time I've ever heard that! So we get to
Plant city and I dial up Lakeland tower. WOW, it's crazy. For 15 min
there is not one break on the radio. Most of the time there are two guys
transmitting. You can tell the tower is frazzled cause they are yelling at
people and all kind of crazyness. We give up and fly home. But, this
means there is a huge desire for a winter fly in. I bet next year they
will have a Notam and Sun N Fun style entry patern. So plan for a nice
winter fly in next year!

Fly Safe,

Mike Q200 N3QP

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