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The Q1 kits will be a true quick build and an honest 300-400 build time. We have also spent the time with the FAA to go over safety improvments, training,and making sure we are in the 51% rule. We did also discover the Q1 may be able to make the Sport Pilot rules this came fromt he FAA. We still have some work there to do and prove out.


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Is that going to be a quick build kit for the Q1?
Matt S

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Hey Tommy, we can produce all the metal parts for the Q1 there hasn't been a call for them in a while so we have not gotten around to making up a complete set to put up on Quickheads web site yet. We are trying to finish up a quick build kit for the complete aircraft that will also be available in stages. I am hping to get more info out to Dan with Quickheads soon for the news letter. but feel free to give us a call if you would like to know more.

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Tommy---------- The Q2 comes as a kit with molded parts, but the Q1 is
plans built. With the Q1, you got a cowl for the Onan , that I didn't use,
a molded canopy and some welded parts. Other than that the entire airplane
is made from scratch. Mine took a year to build and has a 503 Rotax. Wasn't
that difficult, but I had previously built a Dragonfly. ----------- Canada

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