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I have been trying for the past two years to renew my membership but I can't get thru the registration page. Please send me a Paypal invoice for what ever I owe you since my membership lapsed, and the back issues I missed.
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Larry Baxter

On Dec 8, 2012, at 6:18 AM, dan@... wrote:

With the blessing of the former editors (and the help of a friend
who types 1000 words a minute) The Q-talk Online Archive is now
complete!!!! (And searchable.) This has been a LONG labor of love and
something that I've wanted to have online since before I took over as

You must be a CURRENT PAID QBA member to see all of the issues
online. But all 185 issues of the QBA newsletter from 1982 through the
most recent issue are now available. That's over $600 worth of back
issues in exchange for your $20 per year membership!

Check it out:

With a little luck, I should have PDF back issues for sale in the
store early next year!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Dan Yager

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