Q2 / Q200 canopy hardware for sale

Mike Evans

Hi all you builders!

I have all of the hardware that you need to mount a forward tipping canopy
for your Q2/Q200 bird. The reason I have this for sale is that the canopy
blew off while I was trailering it, busting up the canopy pretty bad. I
decided to rebuild using 4 struts so that the canopy goes straight up a few
inches and then forward. You may be able to see the broken glass on the
metal. I checked and the air cylinder still appears to work fine. The
aluminum angle pieces mount to the header tank.

I don't know what to ask, so I will take bids for a week or so. I expect
shipping should not be more than $10-15 UPS ground, which of course the
buyer would pay also.

Please respond to my email: rranch524@... or phone with your
questions: 818) 523-8174

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Mike, building Tri-Q200 in LA

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