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Mick Davies <mickdavies1967@...>

Sending pic of Tri Q200 nose leg belly clearance but not sure if it will be sent.
Mick D
Tri Q200

From: Richard Thomson
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 8:33 PM
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Subject: [Q-LIST] Re: TriQ Nose leg query

Thanks for the previous responses guys.

Mick, did you get chance to confirm what clearance you have with yours ?

Rich K,

I agree that the natural reaction is to pivot on the mounting plate so trying to pull the end of the leg off the spar, but that assumes that the plate does not move. If there is a clearance between the leg just rear of the plate, then the reation is to force the plate up the firewall, so by having a pad to take up any space will help to prevent this and spread the load, and not stress the weld.
My mounting plate is well floxed into place, with plenty inside the lightening holes, so feels solid.enough, but it seems sensible to have the leg snug against the canard skin to stop movement but this is not easy to set up for the uprated leg on LS1 spar without liquid shimming.

Rich T


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