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Look into building a full length carbon fiber I beam spar with the GU layup. You can build the CF I beam spar yourself for less and have all the strength of the tube. The best bet is to use what works and order the CF tube. The thought "crap I should have" with a decent rate of 5000FPM is worth a LOT of money. But then again I don't have a flying plane just a degree. Don't forget the difference in the thickness in between the two airfoils this changes the amount of foam between the layers hence the strength and flexibility of the airfoil. Think long and hard the look at the static loads of the new design then you will find that in order to change the design properly it will cost more in research than to just by the CF tubes. Sorry to be a bummer I wanted to do the same thing this is just the conclusion that i came to. Best of luck and be safe.


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Hi all
I have read where it was said that the weakest part of the canard wing is at the end of the stiffener, cracks have been found at this point.
To all you aeronautical engineers could anybody tell me if it would be a good idea to run the stiffener to the end, or tip, of the canard.
I`m building the LS1 profile canard without the carbon spare.
I`m fitting a Viking engine.
Regards Ray.

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