Re: Canard Stiffener

Larry Severson

The problem exists only with the GU canard and
wing tip gear. Extending the spar caps to the tip
will change the resistance to stress, but will
possibly change the flight characteristics and
definitely the taxiing roughness. It will also
increase the weight of the plane. The original
designer used "best design practices", but
ignored the fact that those practices did not include gear at the wing tips.

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Are you building a TriQ and are you building to the Waddlow Canard design?

Phil Lankford

On Dec 24, 2012, at 3:00 AM, "johnogr300"
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Hi all
I have read where it was said that the
weakest part of the canard wing is at the end
of the stiffener, cracks have been found at this point.
To all you aeronautical engineers could
anybody tell me if it would be a good idea to
run the stiffener to the end, or tip, of the canard.
I`m building the LS1 profile canard without the carbon spare.
I`m fitting a Viking engine.
Regards Ray.

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