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Bruce Crain

Look on the side of the can and see if it says anything about warming up the epoxie to a certain temp to dissolve the crystals. If it does you can use it again. Not sure about structural parts though. The new hardener is a lot more clear making it easier to use.Bruce

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Don't dump the old epoxy because you will be able to use it on non structural parts.

And I also understand that it is only the hardener that 'goes off', so if you use fresh hardener with the old epoxy you should be OK.

Anyone want to comment on that?

Paul B.
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Hi All (Paul)
Thanks for the reply`s on the stiffener issue.
I brought a Q2 kit that was almost unstarted, it had been in a shed for some 30 years. If I had not taken it, it was going to rubbish.
The foam that came with the kit was complete but I would have to put into question as to its strength, and the resin was still in there unopened boxes, and again
I have been told to buy new resin.
I`m using blue foam in the canard and wing, I`ve built the cradle that holds the fuselage,built the main fuel tank, all the bulk heads built, header tank built.
I`m building the Q2 with the wing tip wheels, and with the LS1 aerofoil.
Paul, could you send me in the direction where I will find the information on the modification needed to build the canard, I have cut out all the templates for the wing and canard and I am ready to hot wire cut the profiles.
Thanks Ray

From: Paul Buckley
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Well, as been mentioned previously, IF you are building a Tri-Q there is a layup specifically designed for the canard called the 'Waddelow', named after its designer.

BUT ONLY for the canard without the wingtip wheels.
It is an LS1 aerofoil and is in use by quite a few Tri-Q drivers.

It would be much simpler for you to use what has gone before and is proven.
It is built much like the wing, but with mods which are quite easy to do.

Kind regards

Paul Buckley

Embryo 'Waddelow' TriQ-200

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From: dkeats
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 1:49 AM
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Ray----------- Regarding your spar. Go to the dragonfly site and see if
you can get their layup. Our canards are made for 1350 gross with the beefup
mods. Chris

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