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Allan Farr

It's a Q2 so GU canard and no sparrow strainers?

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No you cannot remove the elevator trim until you fly it and see if the elevator trim is neutral for pitch. The sparrow strainers are suppose to trim the elevator for neutral but they, in fact, usually don't work that well for 1sty flights. Most have a heavy nose down/forward pull on the stick until the sparrow strainers are addressed and worked with. I assume you have the LS1 canard as opposed to the GU canard.Most of the Quickies have a reflexor for trim also and that makes the t-tail redundant. There must be a reason that I have never seen a live t-tail on a Quickie. The aileron reflexor works best I believe.Bruce

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Hi everyone,
I am rebuilding a Q2 in Cochrane just outside of Calgary and have a question for those more knowledgeable. I would be grateful for advice. I have the T-Tail trim system on my Q2 C-GMBK and believe that I can omit the "Elevator trim" control that used to be on the forward center console. I believe that the elevator trim system is a possible safety issue in that it could be adjusted to reduce some of the elevator control movement if one was unaware of settings. Having two trim systems seems wrong to me. I have read the article in the Nov/Dec 2011 (# 150) issue of Q-Talk archive by Gary McKirdy (tech counselor UK, thanks Gary), that explains in detail about the T-Tail and Reflexor trim systems. He had commented in the article, quote: "If you have both the Elevator and T-Tail" inferring it to could be an option. I believe that many have both because the Elevator trim was the original configuration with T-Tail or Reflexor added later. Can I safely remove the original elevator trim wheel?
Thanks guys

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