Re: Tail post - Tail Spring?

Paul Buckley


Not building the taildragger it didn't occur to me.

Paul B.

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I think Ray might mean the "tail spring"

Dan Yager

On 2013-01-21 04:46, Paul Buckley wrote:

Hi John
> There is no tail post.
> The fin (vert stab) is built
like the main wing with spar caps on both sides, and then floxed into a
slot in the tailcone.
> Do you not have the so called 'building
instruction's ?'
> Paul Buckley
> Cheshire
> England
> Embryo
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> Hi all
> Can anybody tell me what the
original tail post was made from as I didn`t receive one in the kit that
I have.
> Are there any plans around so I may be able to construct one,
or could I use something like a carbon fibre seat post from a push
> Thanks Ray.

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