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Gary McKirdy

Hi Calvin,

Stick with both, safety (through redundancy) and performance benefits.
Looks like you did your homework and got there already?

One qualification........... make sure at a safe height and max speed that
BOTH the front trim wheel and T-Tail mechanics have sufficient friction to
avoid a big surprise in pitch when you least need it. Avoid accidental
lubrication or sloppiness developing in these systems and take all the

Imagine a low fast fly past when max speed and added turbulence contributes
to an aircraft pitch system slippage induced rapid unanticipated pitch
change for the fist time and you have no time to think what might be the

Then imagine the bad hair and knicker day that follows as the most
successful outcome possible

Gary McKirdy

1000+safe hours XC and testing all Q variants.

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Sound great Calvin! Will we see you soon at one of the fly in's? Oshkosh
with your Q?Bruce

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This forum is great. You fellows are being most helpful to me regarding
this issue. I am very interested in the specific configurations you are
flying. The Elevator trim is unused in some of your flying Q's. I now see
that once you are trimmed out from flight tests and early flights some of
you can do without it, interesting. I see it is important to keep our
aircraft trimmed so there is minimal drag on the trim (t-tail or reflexor).
Something I read today makes sense to me that we need to be able to jockey
the elev trim against our Reflexor or T-tail trim systems. This is to
achieve maximum speed and minimum drag. I now understand the fact that the
elev trim increases camber which increases lift and is not just a pitch
adjustment. I think I will replace the elevator trim even if it hardly
get's touched once I have my aircraft flight configured again. Future gust
lock maybe...

Calvin Thorne
Cochrane Alberta

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My Q2 was built per plans with a GU canard, T-Tail and vortex
generators. The original elevator trim wheel was used to control the
T-Tail. The springs that were part of the original elevator trim were
retained and permanently fixed to the firewall and the instrument panel
with link chains. The springs were under tension (for almost full stick
travel) and the chain links statically adjusted so the elevator was held in
cruise position. This worked well, so we never changed the T-Tail to the
"highly recommended" reflexer. The aircraft flew in cruise with the T-Tail
neutral. If it had required either up or down deflection for cruise, we
would have adjusted the springs (adding and removing chain links) such that
the T-Tail would have flown neutral. So we never had an elevator trim and
didn't need one!

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Hi everyone,
I am rebuilding a Q2 in Cochrane just outside of Calgary and have a
question for those more knowledgeable. I would be grateful for advice. I
have the T-Tail trim system on my Q2 C-GMBK and believe that I can omit the
"Elevator trim" control that used to be on the forward center console. I
believe that the elevator trim system is a possible safety issue in that it
could be adjusted to reduce some of the elevator control movement if one
was unaware of settings. Having two trim systems seems wrong to me. I have
read the article in the Nov/Dec 2011 (# 150) issue of Q-Talk archive by
Gary McKirdy (tech counselor UK, thanks Gary), that explains in detail
about the T-Tail and Reflexor trim systems. He had commented in the
article, quote: "If you have both the Elevator and T-Tail" inferring it to
could be an option. I believe that many have both because the Elevator trim
was the original configuration with T-Tail or Reflexor added later. Can I
safely remove the original elevator trim wheel?
Thanks guys

Calvin Thorne
56 Rolling Range Estate
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 2A3
Cell & text 403 860-7582
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