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Lotsa tailsprings broke in the early years. This was covered in early newsletters.Speculation was tail swishing on landing due to pilot control (side loads). We didnt hear that problem from Dfly pilots (broken tailsprings) due to the oval shape horizontally we thought. Those fiberglass rods were available from Aircraft Spruce Co. One of our guys fixed his using a readily available 4130 steel tube of the original diameter.We didnt get a followup report on how that worked but that's what I would use lacking any complicated mathematical engineering calculations to prove otherwise. j.

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Hi Ray,

My experience in over 1000 hrs of several taildragger Qs is that the
original 1/2 inch dia glass tail spring was severely under sized.

I now have a 3/4 inch commercial S glass solid rod pultrusion which also
allows it to be made longer so it can be extended in line with the rear
fuselage centre line.

Mine is just over 1 foot and effectively retracts the tailwheel in flight
as it sits in the fuselage drag wake.

By the time you have added the several plies of uni and bid staggered to
the tailcone, it will be over 1 inch diameter after finishing.

Looks like it can do the job and does it and at reduced
drag.........suggest you take note.

Dragonfly tailspring is oval with the widest cross section the wrong way
for loads in my opinion.
A circular cross section is better I think.

Gary McKirdy

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Hi all
Can anybody tell me what the original tail post was made from as I didn`t
receive one in the kit that I have.
Are there any plans around so I may be able to construct one, or could I
use something like a carbon fibre seat post from a push bike?
Thanks Ray.

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