EA-81 Direct Drive Turbo Firewall Forward For Sale (Theoretical)

Jon Finley <finley@...>

Hi all,

The more I look at this EJ-22 that I just picked up, the more I want to
install in my Q2. So, I have a question. If I were to offer my entire
EA-81 direct drive turbo (firewall forward - no prop) for sale, would any of
you guys buy it and what would it be worth?? Is $3500 out of line?? It is
running great but the additional power of the -22 sure does sound fun (yea,
I'm a power junkie!!!).

1984 EA-81 (American version)
EA-82 Turbo
Dual electronic ignition
45 amp Alternator
Aluminum flywheel and prop hub
Exhaust system
Intake system
Weber Carburetor
4130 engine mount
Valeo starter

The engine had about 20,000 miles in my car and now about 40 hours in my
plane. I have never opened it up as it runs great. You can see it on my
site (below).
Jon Finley
N54JF Quickie - Volkswagen 1835cc
N90MG Q2 - Subaru EA-81 DDT
Apple Valley, Minnesota

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