Re: Drawing and dimensions of Q2 Q200

L Koutz <koutzl@...>

To All
Well I sent my Q-200 composite drawing in DXF format. It's big! Can anyone
figure out how to get at it?

I don't think I can download an autocad drawing. I thought it had to
be a
.JPG or some other format. Do you know the best format?
Are you trying to upload a useable drawing or just a image peeps can
If you can export it to dxf or iges then almost every program should be
able to load it. If you want to have a good three view ie jpg, export it
to dxf and send it to me. I'll import it into Paint Shop Pro reduce the
to two (ie B&W) and save as a gif. That way you can have pretty large
areas that are small in file size. I've sent dwg's this way to people
don't have acad or just wanted to look. These had areas of about
3500x1800 pixels
which kept all the detail from the original drawing but the image size
was only
about 200K. For a more normal sized image say 800x600 it will be about

Anyway thats the way I've been doing this. I'd be curious if anyone else
another way. Larry send me the dxf and I'll run it through so you can



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