Re: Fw: Re: Australian builders

Mike Perry

Where is it posted? Sorry I'm slow, can't find it in files or photos.


On 5/9/2013 5:15 AM, Paul Buckley wrote:

I have just posted the photo of the GU canard load test on the web
site. The foam used was the finer, blue, version.

Our regulations and restrictions here in the UK are much more
stringent than the US. Nothing is allowed to be changed from the
original without specific investigation and consent, including systems
(fuel, electric) but especially anything concerning the basic structure.

The Swiss are even worse, requiring a load test for every flying
surface built, and at a high temperature. I cannot remember what the
test loading was, but you can take it for granted that it would be
higher than anything that would be required here or in the US!

Paul B.

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