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Okay to make this easy I have uploaded the doc to the file section for the group. After many request for a copy I figured it would be good for the group and easier on me. The file is called TriQ Install Directions.pdf The W&B starts on page 5 and follows with the flight info. I do hope this helps if any more info is needed please let me know and I will be happy to help anyway I can.

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Think I’ve got the CoG limits for the TriQ somewhere but if Richard has it to hand could I have a copy too?

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The info you are looking for is in the Tri-Q conversion manual. I can email it to you if you dont have it.

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Hey group. Currently assisting in my Tri-Q200's Annual Inspection. Having unexpected difficulty finding the CG limitations. I really expected to find it at the Quickieheads website, but no joy. Since I just removed the engine-mounted air pump, DG and associated plumbing, I really need those upper and lower limits. Any leads, links, or plans copies with that? Thanks in advance!

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