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Dave Dugas

Thanks Bruce..I'm looking forward to it too.
Dave D

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After about 6 months of not flying 68DD, I finally got flying again today. I actually flew twice for a total of 2.5 hours, and it was great after a long winter and lousy spring.
About 6 weeks ago I removed the engine to change the engine bolts and shock mounts. Since I had over 750 hours on the much AD'd Bendix dual mag, I decided to send them out to have them overhauled. Executive Accessories in Ft. Lauderdale FL did an excellent job and the mags are good for another 500 hours. They are one of the few shops left that will support these things and they're great to do business with. My mags are better than new and so is my piece of mind. I also pulled the cylinders and resealed them where they fit on the crankcase. I had so much fun today, I didn't want to land...everything's running fine.
Dave Dugas Q2 N68DD

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