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Yew shore kin sayut lahk iyut iz, Brewski. Dat flahboy gut a guud rahd frum yew.


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Wull ah jes' wanna thank all a mah peeps for susportin meh an encoragin meh ta be all ah kin bee. Wid out mah lit' frendz ah couldnta dun it. Still ain't quit da day job yet tho. Hopin fer da bes'. An yo guys are da bes also!Bruski

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I got my copy of the September issue of KITPLANES magazine in the
mail yesterday. It features Jon Swenson's Tri-Q-vair rebuild, and Bruce
Crain's beautiful Tri-Q-200. The issue should be appearing in newstands
soon! Make sure you check it out!

Thanks to everyone who contributed!
I was able to sneak a few more of your names in there too! LOL!

Dan Yager
QBA Editor [1]


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