Re: F.O.D.


so ahl kum inta manchesta?


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It¹s pronounced lobsta Masal! And, you don¹t get a sandwich its a lobsta
roll.... Jeezy peezy; Texans!

Imraan Faruque was making noise about hijacking me and my Bonanza to come up
(read two souls).


Tell me there's a lobster sandwich in close proximity to the airport and
I'll be there!


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Hi All
The 23rd FOD fly-in is 5 weeks away. I'd like to get a rough count of those
who are planning on coming so I can plan Saturday's menu.
I'm hoping to have my Q2 back together for the event. My Revmaster is in
California getting a new aluminum crankcase and a few more horsepower. Since
the new crankcase is 15 pounds heavier, I will be doing another weight and
balance. It might be a good opportunity to show those who are at or near
that phase the procedure.
Let's hope for nice weather.

Dave Dugas

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