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The fact that you built your Q with these plans is not a validation of
the quality of the plans - just of your intelligence and determination. The
fact that the EZ plans are also poor (I have never studied them myself so I
take your word for it, but I have seen them) actually is quite interesting
since these 2 planes are so closely related. Seem Mr. Rutan failed to learn
at least one lesson from Mr. Bede. The plans for my BD-5 are THE BEST
experimental plans I have seen. Everything is clear, in order, and almost
every rivet has its dimension and location specified. Now that it looks like
the powerplant problem has been solved - after 27 years- I may someday finish
Maybe I'm just spoiled

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<< I disagree . Have you ever had a long look a the Vari eze plans ? I
managed to build my Q without ever seeing another or talking to any other
builders until I was almost finished.
You guys building now have a great resource in this group , would have saved
me a lot of time.

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