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Your first HUGE problem is to get the airframe done. By the time you do that you will know plenty
about engines.
The 2 highest time Quickies are beauties with Onan engines.
My Q has an Onan but not many hours beyond test.
I test flew behind a Global half VW
The Rotax 447 and 503 have been successful

Opinions are like buttholes... everybody has one. Just start the airframe and
the engine will come to you by and by..


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Good day! I am considering building a Q-1 but am stumped on the question:
What engine?
What are your thoughts on this??
Thanks, Nick L.

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I am starting construction of my Q1 bulkheads and have a couple of

1.- On examination of the materials I have, I discovered that my 3/8" PVC
is slightly warped (not flat). I know that once I laminate it it will be
stiff so I will hold it down flat in my workbench with a couple dabs of 5
min epoxy but wondered if there is a trick for flatten it a bit. Maybe
slight application of heat and placing a flat weight on top of it?.

2.- I noticed that the plans call to not glass FS110. As much as I looked
I cant find where in the plans this eventually gets glassed. Well, I have
to admit just perusing the plans after the bulkhead construction section
but I can't seem to find that info and I am curious.


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