Re: FOD Travel

Paul Buckley

Hi Dave

Griecha and I are stuck at Miami intl at moment, trying since 1000 to
get a seat
to Boston. Next flight is at 1920, may be a couple of seats available
this time.
It will be the seventh try!


Paul B.

Quoting Dave Dugas <davedq2@...>:

Hi SamĀ 
Keep us informed. 413-772-9165.
Dave D

Sent from Samsung tabletSam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...>
wrote:Just got off the phone with fright service. IFR across the
route for the
early morning, clearing mid-morning.

We hope to be off by 8 o'clock Central Time, then one potty stop in
Pennsylvania. Hope to show up around 4 o'clock or so.

My flight planners shows five and a half hours enroute, with no stops, so
with a little luck we should be showing up around 4 or 5.

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