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Hi Dave and Di, 

Kudos,  and hats off to you for hosting such a great fly-in in Orange!  Yes, Dave's beautiful Q-2 was the only plastic airplane in attendance, alas, but the camaraderie among all of us there was terrific.  Hearing about Sam and Sandy's heart-breaking incident, and then getting updates on Sam's next moves brought us all together though in a really unique way.... though you weren't able to be with us, Sam and Sandy, you were very much with us in our thoughts and prayers the entire time, and were we ever relieved to hear that both of you were unhurt... we have no doubt Race 22 will be back in the air again soon!  All the rest of us enjoyed the best fresh lobstuh on the planet, and steamed clams, along with corn we had just shucked ourselves.... tremendous hospitality, many thanks again, Dave!  Some new faces to the QBA in attendance as well, our future is bright!  My first visit ever to Boston, definitely an incredible trip, i was blessed!

Got back home safely after connecting through JFK on Delta, can't believe another fly-in is history.  Already looking forward to next year!

Many thanks again, Dave and Di!

All the best,


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  I  just sat down after finishing a few last minute details at the airport. 
Thanks to everyone for the support that they showed, either by being present, attempting to be present, or planning to get here only to be stopped by mother nature. 
Mostly thanks for the support everyone is giving, in one way or another, to Sam and Sandy Hoskins.
Thankyou to my wife Dianna, our breakfast chef, Dan Hickey, and the manager of the airport, Len Bedaw.
The ones who were here heard Mike Bergan's excellent presentation on composite construction. Mike and Emron flew out of here early to take advantage of a small window in the weather. They let me know when they were safely home in the Baltimore area a few hours later. I actually think they left early to avoid exposure to Red Tide Disease. 
I hope that you all let me do it again next year.
Dave D

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