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I'm happy to read that Dave's efforts did not get skunked, Besides host Dugas, Kittle, Bergen, Thayer, Yager, our Brit Buckley some wives and companions plus some locals
made up a respectable and interesting group at the FOD. Like others I aborted when as a pass rider wife Mary got holiday load numbers from her dispatcher friends at
Southwest and it looked grim. Full airplanes everywhere.But she knew I'd be grousing about it and she was pecking at me all Saturday about my manhood in not
taking a chance. And then that rat Kittle sen me a photo of a basket of about 35 red lobstas coming out of a cooker. Darn it! (And there were leftovers). So for spite I boiled a dozen large Key West shrimp, bathed them in salted butter, put on a blindfold and ate them pretending they were lobsta. It wasn't the same...but not bad. Anyway the Mizzus stamped her foot down and
declared, "Next year I'm buying you a one-way ticket up there and you can walk back if necessary." It was nice to read that Dave might be willing to do it again.

Labor day is enticing because of the extra travel day. Spud and I tried that once at FOD Kansas and it was not so hot, response wise. Many folks plan family events that
weekend. And as this year, weather gets to be a factor. We gradually moved it and found better weather later in Sept. And in N.E. the leaves should be colorful. Something
to think about. Anyway, Mz Masal has already set my plan in motion.


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Kerry and I made it back home in the little FIAT about 10:30 last
night too pooped to e-mail everyone! I just wanted to send my thanks
along to Dave and Dianna for being such tremendously warm and generous

It was great "hanger flying" with everyone, seeing Dave's
beautiful Q, and listening to Mike Bergen's presentation. The turnout
was actually quite high considering the weather, and I'm sure we'll have
more Q's there next year. It's a great location, and beautiful

We were heartbroken to hear of Sam and Sandy's mishap,
but it was great to see the community circling the wagons around them.

It was so nice to see new faces, and see some of the old guard. And
again, thanks so much to Dave and Diana for hosting. As always, the
Yager clan will be rooting for Dave in the next canoe regatta from the
edge of Goodyear Lake!

Thanks again,
QBA Editor Guy

2013-09-01 20:09, Dave Dugas wrote:

I just sat down after finishing
a few last minute details at the airport.
Thanks to everyone for the
support that they showed, either by being present, attempting to be
present, or planning to get here only to be stopped by mother nature.
Mostly thanks for the support everyone is giving, in one way or another,
to Sam and Sandy Hoskins.
Thankyou to my wife Dianna, our breakfast
chef, Dan Hickey, and the manager of the airport, Len Bedaw.
The ones
who were here heard Mike Bergan's excellent presentation on composite
construction. Mike and Emron flew out of here early to take advantage of
a small window in the weather. They let me know when they were safely
home in the Baltimore area a few hours later. I actually think they left
early to avoid exposure to Red Tide Disease.
I hope that you all let
me do it again next year.
Dave D
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