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Paul Spackman

This airstrip is owned by the town and the event was funded by this small town of two hundred people. It is a grass strip but I wonder how many fields/towns might do the same if asked.

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How fantastic Paul. Wish there were that sort of thing in the UK.

How does the financial side of it work?
Who foots the bill, and why?
I assume that there is no landing fee to subsidize it

Paul B.

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Attended a great little fly in at 76V this weekend. Free breakfast,
free lunch, prizes and can you believe it $50.00 bucks gas money for
every pilot that showed up with a plane. Hope they don't find out
that we would pay $50.00 to come down to the grass strip fly in like
this. Flour bombing and balloon popping contest and a toy drop for
the kids.

Glendo is a tiny town of a few hundred people and owns the airport.

13 planes, a powered paraglider and one hot air balloon showed up.
Don't you know I will be going back next year. Oh yes, and about 5
nice RC planes. About 200 people just came to enjoy the day.

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