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Last Fri. I visited an absolutely kick-butt Evergreen Air and Space Museum N. of Portland OR in McMinnville. Second only to Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian at Dulles in D.C. Amazing what money can do!  A nice Q-2 graced the exhibit floor and a non-aviator docent even knew a bit about it.
Sat. was the Western Antique Auto and Aircraft Museum fly in at Hood River.Stunning resoorations both in the hangars and flown in out on the grass. No Q's (when will we be antiques?)
Both locations have hard surface runways.


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Attended a great little fly in at 76V this weekend. Free breakfast, free lunch, prizes and can you believe it $50.00 bucks gas money for every pilot that showed up with a plane. Hope they don't find out that we would pay $50.00 to come down to the grass strip fly in like this. Flour bombing and balloon popping contest and a toy drop for the kids.

Glendo is a tiny town of a few hundred people and owns the airport.

13 planes, a powered paraglider and one hot air balloon showed up. Don't you know I will be going back next year. Oh yes, and about 5 nice RC planes. About 200 people just came to enjoy the day.

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