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Ain't nobody collecting ballots. No bids are necessary and no votes are required. Plan to be there. I will.


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I wholeheartedly support and endorse Dave D.'s bid to host the 2014 FOD at ORE!  Dave put on a first-class event for us two weeks ago, and went the extra mile in so many ways to make it an outstanding fly-in...  and the airport and EAA clubhouse were ideal.  With the event being a little later in the year next time, i think the weather should also be a little more stable for us before the really cold stuff settles in later on.  So, my vote is in for Dave, and ORE!


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Hi all Q folk
I would like to host the 24th FOD fly-in on the last weekend of September 2014 at ORE. The dates are September 26-28. The date is flexible based on your input.  I will welcome any suggestions. 
Dave D

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