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Hello Sam!
Sorry I didnt get to see you at Sam Hoskins IL FOD last year.
As for 2014 I beleive Dave Dugas's post stated (and I Quote)
Hi all Q folk
I would like to host the 24th FOD fly-in on the last weekend of September 2014 at ORE. The dates are September 26-28. The date is flexible based on your input.  I will welcome any suggestions
Dave D
I think dave said the dates is flexable and he was open to suggestion.
I didnt think the date had bee set in stone yet.
As to all those Q guys I mentioned who flew in to Rough River (in I think 2003) Roy Shannon said he wouldnt fly that far in a Q1 again ... said he shook for a week.  If Crouch had to choose, (He wanted to go to FOD 2013)
he would most likley choose ORE in 2014 ... but I havent asked him.
I never said they would ... only mentioned they had before and would not be able to again if there was an exclusive date conflict.
I dont think, to be polite, there has been a conflict with the two fly-ins ever in the past.
Hey Dave, how many times have you flown to Rough River?  I know you were there in 2003. At least two maybe three times? 
It just seems reasonable, to me (of corse) that the two groups needed to be exclusice.
Vicky and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary during the 2013 FOD ... sorry we missed you.
Also, as side note:
It seems odd that  I orginally posted this Question Friday night at appx 9:30PM.
Sooo ... why did it take untill something after 12:30PM on saturday for the post to appear?
Does some list moniter have me in in a delay/holding box for some reason?
At any rate, last night I tried (thinking I had done something wrong) to post these questions about three times to the Q-LIST ... so ... if the other post suddenly appear again on the q-list YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY.
Sorry about the stuck cap Lock key.  When I post to Q-List members individually I usually receive a reply in way less time than my last post to the Q-LIST so what is up with that?  a 15 hour delay because why?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
PS: Also, when Vicky and I go, we also go Coach ... the four wheel kind, not in an Aluminum tube.:Gene

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It is always hard to pick a date for any function that pleases everyone.  I really don’t believe Terry Crouch, Keith Welsh, and Roy Shannan, will fly to Orange unless they are able to take off at least a week like Bruce & Honeylamb have planned.  My plan is to be at Orange and I hope you will join us.
Best regards,
Sam Kittle,
Q200 in progress

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Hey Guys
Efer sence Spud invented Feald of Dreams (after the GIG - Grazing in the Grass with the EZ boys in KS) in Kansas; the dates for FOD was carefully set not to interfear with the CSA Rough River Fly-in. ... at which one year three Q-1's ( Terry Crouch, Keith Welsh, and Roy Shannan ) flew-in along with N-202SH ... from the photos, I remember there was a short guy from Ashville NC showed up with his lovely wife in a freshly panted Beech.
These two fly-ins (Rough River being the largest canard fly-in in the country) have always co-existed no closer than a week apart.
I asked Terry Schurbert (editor of the CSA newasletter) of CSA's 2014 and 2015 dates which are listed below.
These are hard to change since the field is in high demand for fly-ins of various marks ... I know for a fact the lodge reseverations are full three years in advance. (usually 60 to 100 planes show up each year despite the weather)
Therefore, wouldnt it be nice to schedule FOD for the weekends of Sept 19, 20 & 21st ... or
                                                                                                  Oct 3rd, 4th &  5th ?
I think Oct would give the best shot at clear weather, but the third weekend in September would be fine as well.
So guys, which weekend would be best for the Field of Dreams, tandum wing get together?
I look forward to hearing from yall (you-all).
... and like Alan alway says ...
As Always,
All The Best
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Hi Gene,  2013     Sept 27th - Sept 29th   
          2014     Sept 26th - Sept 28nd   
          2015     Sept 25th - Sept 27th  
These are posted on the site.    
I hope to see you at Rough River.  Terry  Please note: message attached  From: geneknapp2@... To: jschuber@... Subject: [c-a offline] Rough River Dates Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 18:05:09 -0400 (EDT) ____________________________________________________________ 30-second trick for a flat belly This daily 30-second trick BOOSTS your body&#39;s #1 fat-burning hormone 
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[c-a offline] Rough River Dates
Fri, 13 Sep 2013 18:05:09 -0400 (EDT)
Hello Terry!!!
Well Rough River 2013 is almost upon  us.
Are the dates for Rough River 2014 already chosen?
i am hoping to ward off a conflict brfore it happens.
As Always,
All The Best

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