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Another consideration is that our FOD Belongs ONLY to uswith no competing distractions. 
being part of another show would be like going to a mini Oshkosh (just sayin')


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I'm willing to try and fly anywhere too be among the Q folks.  My only reservation is the close proximity to the season of FOD.  The folks that are not retired may have a problem getting days off for two closely schedule events.  I am guessing that the groups loyalty will swing towards attending the FOD if they find it necessary to select but one to attend.
On 9/16/2013 2:56 PM, fastlittleairplanes wrote:
I wanted to put this out and see what everyone thinks. I would like to host a FOD's and would like to do it with the Mid Eastern Regional Fly-in. We will have live bands, beer trailer, and the chance to work on the restoration of a B-17. Not to mention everyone could checkout a SARL cross country air race. We host this event the third weekend of August and have fantastic weather every year.

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